About us

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Our maxim

Everybody should have a good life, wherever they want.

Our Offer

  • We consult and support refugees and migrants- with or without papers. We explain each step of the asylum procedure and legal basis which apply to the procedure of obtaining a residence. We support with problems with institutions such as the migration office or the social welfare office. We offer consultation referring to impending deportations. We help in writing letters and applications.

    Our claim

  • Equal social rights and right of residence for everyone!
    We demand that people may choose where they live. Everyone who is here shall have the right to remain here.
    We demand equal rights for everyone. Because all people, independently from the place of birth, the legal status, the color of skin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social class and (dis-)ability have the same human rights.
    We stand against transfering people during the procedure of asylum, deportations and the rejection of refugees at the german borders and the external european borders. We reject collective accommodation for refugees in any kind of way. We reject the theoretical construction of safe countries of origin and third-country states. We refuse to accept stereotyping and criminalizing of refugees. We fight against racism in all its expressions and against all forms of group-focused enmity. We show solidarity with self organized groups of refugees and migrants.